About Us


BoCo? is an original interior architecture studio where the designed works are marked with both functionality and creativity. What inspires us is unique interiors and those ones we want to design. Originality and ingenuity are crucial for us when dividing spaces, assigning functions to them as well as combining materials and textures, so that the designed spaces are attractive and stand out with respect to the proportions and cohesion. We love both contemporary and old art and enjoy combining them. We effectively put together classic design and modern trends, in order to create a completely new quality. We strongly believe that fun and looking for new solutions are necessary in the process of creative designing. We always try to think outside the box. This is why the communication between us and our customers works and we are able to understand their needs better.

Magdalena Pasiak

She learned artistic tapestry at the Norwid Secondary School of Fine Arts in Lublin, Poland. Then she graduated in interior design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. She also studied at the Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, England, as a participant in the Erasmus Programme.

After hours she is the mom of three crazy kids. She loves studying both old and contemporary art as well as making it. She has a natural ability to combine different styles, which results in original and unique designs.